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Emily Aline Fallis, Ph.D

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Professional Experience

Presentations and Teaching Experience

November 18, 2011 Presentation to Texas Psychological Association:  Capital Murder, Competence to Stand Trial, and Mental Retardation, San Antonio, Texas
February 2005 to January 2006 Supervised postdoctoral candidate for licensure at Tarrant County Juvenile Detention Center, Fort Worth, Texas
February 2005 to April 2005

Taught an undergraduate course in History and Systems of Psychology, Naval Air Station, Fort Worth, Texas

July 2004 "Inconsistency in Psychological Evaluation," presented to the Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney's Association, Dallas, Texas
May 1990 to
October 2003
Taught various forensic and general clinical seminars for predoctoral interns, Federal Medical Center, Fort Worth, Texas
March 1996

Presented “The Exculpatory Power of Personality Disorders in Criminal Law,” presented at the 12th Annual Symposium in Forensic Psychology, New Orleans, Louisiana

June 1987 to
September 1987
Developed and taught a twelve-week psychoeducational group
concerning marriage and family issues for male inmates, Federal Correctional Institution, Petersburg, Virginia
January 1986 to
August 1986
Developed and taught seminars for foster parents, Christian Family Services,
St. Louis, Missouri
November 1983,
November 1984,
February 1985
Developed and taught a five-week seminar for women covering
mental health issues, Durban, South Africa and Provo, Utah
August 1982 to
December 1984
Student instructor, graduate assistant, research assistant
Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

Continuing Education

November 2011

Topics in Sex Offender Evaluation and Treatment: Threat, Public Policy, and Roles of Psychologists

November 2011

Female Sex Offenders:  They Really Do Exist!
November 2011 Reuniting Families Where There Has Been Sexual Abuse
November 2011

Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Juvenile Offenders

March 2011 Professional Review of Licensure Complaint for Board of Examiners of Psychologists
November 2010 Political and Religious Asylum Cases: Law and Psychology Approaches
November 2010 Forensic Risk assessment and Screening for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities
November 2010 Ethical Considerations for Court-Ordered Outpatient Therapy with Juvenile Offenders
November 2010

DSM-V & Its Predecessors:  A Continuation of Diagnostic Trends Since DSM-III

November 2010 WMS-IV:  A Flexible Administration Approach
October 2009

Forensic Applications of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF, Part 1

April 2009

Ethical and Practical Issues Using Psychological Testing in Forensic Assessment

September 2008 Risk Assessment
January 2008

Clinical Neuropsychology for the Forensic Psychologist

January 2008

Ethical Issues for the Forensic Practitioner

June 2007

Sex Offender Assessment: Scoring the Stable-2000 and
Acute 2000

November 2006

Competency for Trial for Persons with Mental Retardation

November 2006

Advanced Topics in Neuropsychological Assessment:  Meeting Challenges to Expert Testimony

November 2006

Discussion of Legal, Clinical, & Ethical Issues Arising From the Sex Offender Licensure Statute

November 2006

Hate, Hatred, and Hating:  The Physical and Psychological Costs

November 2006

Bipolar Disorder:  The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies

October 2006

Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators in Texas

February 2006

Conducting Forensic Evaluations in Capital Cases

December 2005

Assessing Juvenile’s Competence to Stand Trial:  A Guide for Clinical Practice

July 2005

Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy:  Ethical Considerations

June 2005

Psychotherapy and Forensic Interventions With Aggressive and Resistant Youth

May 2005

Negotiation Skills for Lawyers and Mental Health Professionals:  Theory and Practice

March 2005

Informed Consent and Roles in Forensic Evaluations

February 2005

The Ethics and Enactment of Diversity

February 2005 

Professional Ethics and Role Issues in Criminal Law

May 2004 Forensic Applications of the MMPI-2 & MMPI-2 Restructured
Clinical Scales
April 2004 Treatment of Sexually Abusive Adolescents
April 2004 Diplomate Presentation Workshop
March 2004 The Expert Witness: Reconciling Impartiality and Advocacy
October 2003 PAI: Interpretation and Application
November 2003 Psychological Evaluations at Capital Sentencing
February 2003 The Trial Process—Jury Decision Making
March 2003 The Trial Process—Bench vs. Jury Trials
August 2003 Assessing/Managing Violence Risk with the HCR-20
August 2003 Assessing Psychopathy with the PCL-R (second edition)
April 2002 Ethical Principles in the Practice of Mental Health
April 2002 Differential Diagnosis of ADHD in Adults
August 2002 Advanced Topics in Criminal Forensic Assessment
February 2001

Angry Behavior:  An Advanced Course on the Nature and Treatment of Aggressive and Violent Behavior

May 2001 Psychological Testimony: Clinical and Legal Issues

(Info on Continuing Education prior to 2000 available on request)

References Available on Request

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Professional Experience